Sunday, January 10, 2016

Brevard Renaissance Fair Welcomes Author Jaimie Engle

Historical fantasy novelist to read her book to children throughout festival weekends

Jaimie Engle,
The Medieval world comes to Brevard County as the Brevard Renaissance Fair gears up for a two-weekend adventure. On January 30th and 31st, and February 6th and 7th, contests, entertainment, and role playing take place at the Wickham Park amphitheater as a fundraising and education event to benefit Annie and Kids, Arts and Education Foundation. A special education day will be held on February 5th for schools.
“It is our goal to promote and support arts, education and imagination for the citizens of Brevard County,” shared Anthony Caderivi, the program director.
Local author Jaimie Engle was invited to read excerpts of her historical fantasy novel “Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light” to crowds of children several times a day, and host a table with books to sell.
“It’s a wonderful opportunity to provide interaction for the kids with the book’s author, especially since my time-travel novel is set in both Medieval England and Wickham Park.”
Engle wrote the book after removing her then 7 year old from traditional school to homeschool after he was bullied. They started archery classes at Wickham Park, where Engle said she “imagined a dwarf intent on grabbing a magic arrow from a boy.” Research led her to the story of King Richard III who locked his nephews in the Tower of London to die. She decided to write a book about a boy who travels back in time to rescue them. Along the way, he learns how to handle his own school bully, a strong message throughout the book.
“While my book is a fantasy adventure, at the heart it’s about bullying,” shared Engle. “I think telling this important message through a fun story is a great way for kids to talk about their part in bullying and bully prevention.”
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