Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Book News: Naked With Clothes On by. Dr. D. Leon Pippin


A son so fearful of his father that he cringes at the mention of his father's name. When asked a question, he freezes and becomes mute. His father curses and says, "Poot, there cain't be a god, 'cause if there was, he'd gave ya some brains." 
Leon tries to answer him, but his tongue feels glued to the roof of his mouth. His crippling fear causes him to withdraw into himself and makes the verbal separation wider between them. Unknown to this sharecropper's son, however, God is in the background guiding and protecting him through all fearful uncertainties. And then a small gold crown in an ad catches his attention. 
Full of pathos, humor, and entertaining stories to delight anyone, the book will make you cry, laugh, and inspire you as you follow the son's recovery from paralyzing fear to liberating faith.  
About the Author

Dr. D. Leon Pippin, retired university professor, is a masterful story teller who has written a full length play, monologues, haiku, and devotional articles for CBN. He has a devotional blog, Guarded Hearts.  He is completing a haiku gift book, a Bible study on biblical prayers, and a 60-day devotional book.  Dr. Pippin received 1st place award for his poetry, Haiku Cluster, and 2nd place award for his memoir, Naked With Clothes On, at the Florida Christian Writers Conference February 2015.

Book can be purchased on Internet Explorer, Amazon.com books, Naked With Clothes On, D. Leon Pippin

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