Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Escape from His Past by Rick Gangraw

The third novel by Rick Gangraw is now available where books are sold.  Rather than a mystery or suspense, like his previous two books, this one is a romantic comedy called Escape From His Past.

               Will Sayre thought he had found ‘the one’ years ago, but she left him, married, and moved on with her life.  Since then, he’s searched the world for that special someone with whom he would spend the rest of his life.  His job brings him to dozens of countries, allowing him to meet and entertain all kinds of different women, but for one reason or another, none of them can live up to his expectations.  His first true love set the mark so high that no one else compares.  Until he meets Renee.
               Will’s sister, Kim, is a 1st grade teacher, and Renee’s daughter is in her class.  When Will speaks to Kim’s class about different countries and animals around the world, he’s introduced to Renee’s daughter.  Through a series of events, Will meets Renee and starts romancing her and her daughter around the city.  He seems to have finally escaped from his past and his search for ‘the one’ may finally be over.

               Renee’s friends say that Will is too good to be true, but her daughter is convinced that he is Mr. Right for her mother.  Will’s friends say that she has too much baggage, being a single mom who regularly goes through loser boyfriends, but his sister is convinced that Renee is the girl for him.  Will’s bachelor habits appear to be too much for Renee, and her mood swings make Will wonder if any sane man could stay married to the same woman for the rest of his life.  They decide at one point that the relationship is doomed, but could the wise advice from good friends and family bring them back together?  

 About the author:

Rick Gangraw lives with his wife and children on the East coast of Florida, and he wishes that they could spend more time at their family’s cabin on a lake in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  He will be at the Meet The Authors Book Fair November 21st and 22nd at the Eau Gallie Civic Center in Melbourne, FL.

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