Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Deviant Acts by J.J. White

This second book by award-winning author, J.J. White, will be available for purchase in paperback and EBook versions, November 14, on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and at the Black Opal Books website. Deviant Acts won the Royal Palm Literary Award, Honorable Mention in the Sabal Magazine Awards, and was shortlisted for the Crime Writers’ Association’s Debut Dagger Award.


Jackson Hurst lives his nightmares with eyes open. Only the heroin he’s been addicted to since Vietnam keeps the horror at bay. A poster child for losers, Jackson’s addiction has cost him his job, his girlfriend, and unless there’s a change soon, his life. That change comes in the form of his evil Aunt Camille, a Vermont millionaire who desperately needs Jackson’s services to retrieve her twenty-year-old daughter, Cheryl, from kidnappers. Camille wants her back at any cost and she wants the kidnappers, who maimed her only daughter, murdered. Jackson could use the money, no, he desperately needs the money, but can he stay clean long enough to get his cousin back? And more importantly, can he kill again despite the demons that haunt him from the war?

Kudos for Deviant Acts

“In Deviant Acts, J. J. White has reinvented the amateur sleuth.  His reluctant PI, Jackson Hurst, is crazy as a loon, funny as hell, and deadly serious.  He's as outside normal life as a man can get and somehow still solidly on the side of the angels.  This is a great read.  Let's hope Jackson Hurst goes pro and we get a string of novels about this original and compelling character.”  ~Sterling Watson, author of Fighting in the Shade and Suitcase City.


J. J. WHITE has had articles and stories published in several anthologies and magazines including, Wordsmith, The Homestead Review, The Seven Hills Review, Bacopa Review, and The Grey Sparrow Journal. His story, The Adventure of the Nine Hole League, was published in the Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine, Volume 13. His debut novel, Prodigious Savant, was published in 2014 by Black Opal Books. His newest novel, Deviant Acts, was published November 14, 2015, also by Black Opal Books. He was recently nominated for the Pushcart Prize for his short piece Tour Bus. He lives in Merritt Island, Florida with his understanding wife and editor, Pamela. 

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