Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Book News: Beyond the Strandline by Linda L. Zern

Talking heads discuss blood moons, financial implosion, zombie apocalypse, pandemics, terror threats and the world grows a little more jittery, a little more paranoid. The New York Times and The Daily Mirror have both explored the phenomenon of preparing for “the end,” and some are calling the public’s interest in survival scenarios the “rise of the prepper.”

Linda L. Zern’s new book, Beyond the Strandline, uses a collapse of the power grid caused by solar flares as a setting for her juvenile/dystopian novel.

Isolated on their grandfather’s ranch at the edge of the Little-Big Econ River and state forest, seventeen-year-old Tessla and her teenage sisters, Ally and ZeeZee, live by one rule: don’t venture beyond the perimeter of the family ranch. Central Florida has been plunged into mayhem and instability, but as long as the girls stay behind the line of their grandfather’s property, they remain protected from savagery.

The Florida coast is overrun with warring tribes and pirates, and orphaned children-turned-soldiers roam the land. Beyond the Strandline is a thrilling story about the struggle to stay human in an inhumane world, the importance of preparedness, the illusion of safety, and the power of love to redeem even the most desperate.

Available on Amazon, Beyond the Strandline has 66 reviews averaging 4.9 out of 5 stars. Journalist and freelance writer, D. Scoles, said of the novel, “Just when you think the book's characters might catch a moment's rest, WHAM! They are dramatically drawn into a new dilemma -- and so are you.”

In the tradition of Alas Babylon by Pat Frank, Beyond the Strandline taps into the prepper fiction/dystopian genre without bogging down in the temptation to become a “How-To” handbook.

It’s an action-thriller-romance novel with characters that make you care and a story that makes you think.

About the Author

Linda L. Zern is an award-winning short story writer and English major at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida.

She has written children's chapter books including Mooncalf and The Pocket Fairies of Middleburg; an inspirational book titled The Long-Promised Song, which she wrote and illustrated; and a collection of humorous essays called Zippityzern's: A Collage.

Beyond the Strandline is a work of young adult fiction and Zern’s first full-length novel. A longtime fan of "prepper" and futuristic survival novels such as Pat Frank's Alas Babylon, Zern hopes this book will inspire a new generation to imagine the ramifications of collapse and to "prepare every needful thing." 

When she is not writing fiction, Zern grows flowers, butterflies, grandchildren, rabbits, chickens, and horses in the beautiful countryside of Central Florida.

 To purchase the book, go to Amazon by clicking here.

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