Friday, October 30, 2015

Vivify Your Writing

Before the busyness of the holidays kicks in, take a day for yourself to learn how to breathe life into your stories, write, spend time with great people, be inspired, and Vivify Your Writing.

The last scheduled onsite Writing Your Life event for 2015 happens Saturday, November 7th from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. on beautiful Lake Fairview. This jammed-pack workshop includes writing instruction and practice and a reading/talk by author extraordinaire, Darlyn Finch Kuhn whose recent book is Sewing Holes. Darlyn has been writing for many years and has great insights to offer us.

This workshop, designed for beginners as well as seasoned pros, delves into ways to make your stories more compelling. How do I engage readers? How do I show and not tell? How do I bring people to life on the page? Learn how to develop these skills as well as many more.

Come to the workshop with a story idea you’d like to infuse with life and watch it evolve as the day goes on. You may leave the workshop a bit tired, but you will be exhilarated with a clear sense of what you need to do to make each moment as dynamic on the page as it is in your memory.

Fee for the daylong workshop is $75 and provides snacks throughout the day. Bring a brown bag lunch to enjoy during a midday break while chatting with your fellow writers. Register here for Vivify Your Writing. I look forward to spending the day with you.

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