Wednesday, August 5, 2015

News from Valerie Allen

Suffer the Little Children, a novel by Valerie Allen, has just been released as an audio book. The narrator is Sheila Cavalette. It is available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. This is the third audio book published by Valerie Allen and can be found at
“While evaluating a young boy accused of murder, psychologist, Dr. Allyson Freemont, unravels a cycle of domestic abuse, forcing her to confront her own haunting emotional issues. Confounded by love and hate, those involved with this child risk all to save him from self-destruction.”

Previously published on audio was her popular book, 'Tis Herself, Short Story Collection: Volume One. This was also narrated by Sheila Cavalette. These stories, humorous and sometimes poignant, take a look at the lives of ordinary people in difficult situations. You'll find laughter and tears in these stories of family relationships.

Her non-fiction book, Beyond-Inkblots:Confusion to Harmony, is also an audio book. The narrator is Carrie Eisenberg. This is a book of simple truths focusing on personal responsibility for who we are and where we are in life. This book causes us to wonder about those dreams we had and ask, “Where are they now?”

All of these books are also available as ebooks and in LARGE PRINT.

Valerie Allen can be reached at and

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