Saturday, August 29, 2015

Book News - Bully Route Home by DL Havlin

Double Edge Press is pleased to announce the publication date of DL Havlin’s award winning literary novel, Bully Route Home. Winner of the Florida Writers Associations prestigious Royal Palm Literary Award, Bully Route Home's focus is on two issues that continue to command today’s headlines, bullying and race relations.

Set in the rural 1940’s south, the book reveals roots of these chronic societal concerns. When twelve-year-old “Pooch” Robertson becomes the local bully’s favorite target, he attempts to avoid the daily beatings by taking a secret route home … one that goes through the “negro quarters.” This simple act lights a fuse of events that threatens to end in a full-fledged race war within the community.

Bully Route Home is the fourth DL Havlin novel published by Double Edge Press. The planned date for the novel’s publication and release is August 15. Learn more about Double Edge Press at and DL Havlin at

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