Monday, July 6, 2015

Book News: Navajo Sumnset by Carol Ann Didier

Bella Begay, daughter of the Holy Man for the Navajos, hoping to win the love of Nahilzay, an Apache friend of her twin brother Bacca, has turned herself into a warrior woman. She has followed them since she was a young girl, from the high plains of Navajoland to the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico to fight with Geronimo.   

She only wants one thing in life now and that is to be Nahilzay’s wife and the mother of his children. Nahilzay knows his growing admiration and affection for Bella could turn into love if he let it. But his burning desire for revenge on all white soldiers for what they did to his parents, wife, and son years ago will not let up. He has vowed to take out ten soldiers for every member of his family who died. He decides to suppress his feelings and make one last stand with Geronimo. He has nothing left to give Bella but a bruised and battered heart.

But that is enough for Bella.

The other two books of this series are Navajo Dawn  and Navajo Night. All three books are available through

About the Author 

Carol Ann lives on the East Coast of Florida.  She belongs to the a local writers’ group, Space Coast Writers’ Guild. She is also past secretary STAR (SpacecoasT Authors of  Romance. Carol Ann has been published  in two Florida magazines: Charisma and Literary Lift-Off.

Navajo Sunset is the third book in her Navajo Night  series which was Published by Kensington in 2009. She also writes inspirational vignettes, verses for greeting cards, and stories for her grandchildren. 


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