Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Crazy Floridian and the Birds... or The Search for Feather Presents by Jean Williams

Niceville, FL - Jean Williams showcased her book, The Crazy Floridian and the Birds…or the Search for Feather Presents, first time author, Jean Williams, shares a heartfelt story of herself, through the eyes of Dora. During this journey, the reader joins her on her path of self- discovery, determination and an unwavering eye to see the love in and for everyone she meets. 

Williams offers, “What Ive always wanted was simply to love.  I wanted to be love - that elusive thing I grew up feeling my life was devoid of. I want to love with a whole open heart.  One that isnt afraid of being hurt, one that is happy and joyful in what love is.  Thats all.

"The Crazy Floridian and the Birds…or the Search for Feather Presents" tracks the author's journey from as she once said, "living in a shell in a hole in a tunnel under dark clouds", to a life with joy and happiness that she had never previously thought possible.
The author adds, “With the hope that this story accomplished my goals: of sharing how someone different could still be worthwhile; of how the smallest of gestures can change someones life; of how God is good – and loves you, and even allows doubt and hurt and questions, but is still there and steadfast; and mostly of how on this earth, love really is the greatest gift – the greatest “feather present” that life offers.  But it isnt being loved that is the best part of the gift, the gift is in the loving…”

Jean lives in Florida with her husband and her cats, Point and Muffin. You can read more about Jean and her writing at

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