Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Murder in Mosaic by F. R. Merrill

Storyteller and traveler, F.R. Merrill’s latest book takes the reader into a literary landscape of art, beauty, betrayal, and revenge. At center stage Dr. Ivan Harris, the man convicted of kidnapping Amanda Straton and killing her father receives an early release after thirteen years.

While Amanda pursues a new business in the Southeast, a suitor with his own vendetta against Harris quickly enters the picture. From NYC to coastal Florida, Washington D.C. to old world Italy, Merrill constructs a well-balanced narrative that keeps characters and readers on edge.

First time readers are easily brought up to speed with events of earlier books pertaining to Harris’ evils. Whether a hike on the Camino trail or study of mosaics at the renowned Luciana Notturni School, these adventures are creatively incorporated as a temporary respite for Harris’ victims.

Merrill has mastered the art of weaving beauty and history into her stories as the sinister mind of this Hannibal Lechter-type character plans and disguises for his next attack.

In this fictional tale Merrill delivers joy of visiting authentic settings while holding the readers awareness of impending danger. A must read for a lazy summer afternoon.

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