Thursday, June 18, 2015

Book News: Encouragers by Holly Fox Vellekoop

 Holly Fox Vellekoop announces the publication of her latest book, “Encouragers.” This nonfiction work is the result of Vellekoop’s lifelong interest in successful people and their journey to success. Over the course of two years, Vellekoop sought interviews with successful people of all walks of life to document the Encouragers who made positive contributions to their lives. 

            “Encouragers” is replete with personal anecdotes of those who fondly remember the ones who had a positive influence on them, their jobs and their futures. Vellekoop outlines characteristics and actions of Encouragers in the workplace, families, and diverse groups in which people participate. The author is pleased with the interviews of contributors whose stories are told within the pages of this book. Included are former Congressman Allen West, Lt. Col, USA Ret., former Astronaut Winston Scott, Capt. USN, Ret., renowned Near Death Researcher and author Dr. PMH Atwater, Stuart Borton, author and owner Yellow Dog Cafe, author and former Miami Detective Marshall Frank, author and screenwriter Keith Rommel, psychologist and author Dr. Valerie Allen and many others.

            The definition and description of Encouragers grew directly from the accounts of those who were fortunate enough to have met them. Vellekoop says, “From the discussions and interviews I have done, it’s evident Encouragers in diverse locales share commonalities of the ethos of their personal and professional interactions.” She recalls positions she’s held and how the values and politics from the top on down through the ranks, affected the culture in their arenas and those whom they supervised.

            Through the interviews, Vellekoop also learned how Defeaters, those who passively or actively let or cause some to fail, also played a role in the lives of the interviewees. Though not wanting to give Defeaters too much ink, it was obvious their tactics must be acknowledged due to the harm they have done to lives and careers.

            “Encouragers” is a great read about how Encouragers can affect your life and well-being and how you too can be an Encourager to others. The book can be purchased at or by contacting the author directly at  Vellekoop is the author of seven books, both fiction and non-fiction. Visit her website at

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