Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Murder in Mosaic by F. R. Merrill

Storyteller and traveler, F.R. Merrill’s latest book takes the reader into a literary landscape of art, beauty, betrayal, and revenge. At center stage Dr. Ivan Harris, the man convicted of kidnapping Amanda Straton and killing her father receives an early release after thirteen years.

While Amanda pursues a new business in the Southeast, a suitor with his own vendetta against Harris quickly enters the picture. From NYC to coastal Florida, Washington D.C. to old world Italy, Merrill constructs a well-balanced narrative that keeps characters and readers on edge.

First time readers are easily brought up to speed with events of earlier books pertaining to Harris’ evils. Whether a hike on the Camino trail or study of mosaics at the renowned Luciana Notturni School, these adventures are creatively incorporated as a temporary respite for Harris’ victims.

Merrill has mastered the art of weaving beauty and history into her stories as the sinister mind of this Hannibal Lechter-type character plans and disguises for his next attack.

In this fictional tale Merrill delivers joy of visiting authentic settings while holding the readers awareness of impending danger. A must read for a lazy summer afternoon.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Book News: Joseph Richardson - Waiting and Other Stories

Where do ideas for stories come from?
Every day story hints come to us by way of our five senses. Most ignore them. Others see in them as potential subjects for their writing.  They twist, turn, change, and build on them, until they become stories that others will read and enjoy and will fulfill the creative hunger of the writer. Many of the best hints come from our sixth sense, our memory of things--good and bad—from the past.

Titusville, Florida. Local author Joseph Richardson announces the release of his third book “Waiting and other stories,” a collection of eclectic short stories, poems and articles. Many of them reflect memories from his years growing up on a small farm in Central Florida. Others are based on more modern hints. “Waiting” is a haunting story from the past to the present. “A Streetcar Called Jungle” recalls High School years in St. Petersburg, Florida. “The Artwork” deals with the inner-city life of a young boy.

Richardson’s previous books are Writer’s Digest five-star award-winning “Fire Angels” a Florida novel that takes place in Central Florida 1915—1925 and non-fiction “Self-esteem in the workplace.” The three books are self-published through Createspace and are available from Amazon.com or may be ordered from any bookstore.

The author is a native Floridian retired from NASA after more than thirty-five years of federal service. He is an army veteran of the Korean War. Graduated from St. Petersburg High School and received a BS degree from the University of Alabama.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Edit Like an Expert with Patricia Charpentier

Website for registration and more info: EditLikeAnExpert.com

Transform your writing—novels, memoirs, articles, nonfiction books, blog posts, short stories, even letters—and learn how to Edit Like an Expert.

The Edit Like an Expert coaching program, you receive:
  • 4 weeks of video training modules
  • 2 live, group telephone calls
  • 1 one-on-one, half-hour coaching session
  • in-depth, editorial review of one 2000-word piece
  • worksheets, handouts, and other written materials
  • on-demand access to training modules for one six months

Complete program sells for just $297
Budget-saver, video-only package sells for $197

Topics in the program include: The Writing Process, When to Edit, Why Revision Is Important, Various Types of Editing, Content and Copy Editing, Traditional Editing Tools, Less Is Often More, Electronic Editing Tools, Steps to Content Edit Your Text, Most Common Mistakes, Grammar and Punctuation Mishaps, and much more.

Next session begins in August 2015.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

7 Killer Reasons to Register for the Mystery Writers Key West Fest Today

1)   Sensational Star Power: Rub elbows with international bestselling and global multi-award winning suspense-thriller writer Jeffery Deaver and other world-class and bestselling mystery authors, including James O. Born, Heather Graham, Chris Kuzneski, Libby Fischer Helman, Sandra Balzo, Nancy J. Cohen, Laurence O’Bryan, Carolina Garcia-Aguilera and many more.
2)   It’s a steal of a deal: Event registration is just $125 and includes three days of exciting panels, presentations and social events - in Paradise - plus three meals in the company of Fest guests and celebrity authors.
3)   You might walk into the very pages of a mystery novel: Fest guests who register by June 30 are automatically entered into a drawing for a cameo role in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Heather Graham’s next mystery tale.
4)   Be a witness at the inaugural Jeremiah Healy Mystery Writing Award presentation–maybe even win it yourself! Deadline to submit the first three pages of your finished, unpublished manuscript is June 30.
5)   Thrill to killer hotel room rates: Fest attendee’s who book before July 10 scoop a “killer” early bird room rate of just $199.00 per night, in deluxe digs – and that’s no small potatoes in Paradise.
6)   Spy a special Fest showing of “Swingers Anonymous, the neo-noir film adapted from a book by Fest author Jonathan Woods, filmed by Quincy Perkins and recently presented at the Cannes Film Festival.
7)   Ramp up your sleuthing savvy: Learn first-hand the exciting how-to’s of crime scene investigation from leading true-crime law enforcement experts.
The 2nd Annual “Murder & Mayhem in Paradise” themed Mystery Writers Key West Fest will take place August 14-16 in Key West, Florida. Register at mysterywriterskeywestfest.com and stay abreast of new developments by “Liking” the Mystery Writers Key West Fest Facebook page.
Photo Caption: The 2nd Annual “Murder & Mayhem in Paradise” themed Mystery Writers Key West Fest will take place August 14-16 in Key West,

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Crazy Floridian and the Birds... or The Search for Feather Presents by Jean Williams

Niceville, FL - Jean Williams showcased her book, The Crazy Floridian and the Birds…or the Search for Feather Presents, first time author, Jean Williams, shares a heartfelt story of herself, through the eyes of Dora. During this journey, the reader joins her on her path of self- discovery, determination and an unwavering eye to see the love in and for everyone she meets. 

Williams offers, “What Ive always wanted was simply to love.  I wanted to be love - that elusive thing I grew up feeling my life was devoid of. I want to love with a whole open heart.  One that isnt afraid of being hurt, one that is happy and joyful in what love is.  Thats all.

"The Crazy Floridian and the Birds…or the Search for Feather Presents" tracks the author's journey from as she once said, "living in a shell in a hole in a tunnel under dark clouds", to a life with joy and happiness that she had never previously thought possible.
The author adds, “With the hope that this story accomplished my goals: of sharing how someone different could still be worthwhile; of how the smallest of gestures can change someones life; of how God is good – and loves you, and even allows doubt and hurt and questions, but is still there and steadfast; and mostly of how on this earth, love really is the greatest gift – the greatest “feather present” that life offers.  But it isnt being loved that is the best part of the gift, the gift is in the loving…”

Jean lives in Florida with her husband and her cats, Point and Muffin. You can read more about Jean and her writing at http://featherpresents.wordpress.com

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Book News: Encouragers by Holly Fox Vellekoop

 Holly Fox Vellekoop announces the publication of her latest book, “Encouragers.” This nonfiction work is the result of Vellekoop’s lifelong interest in successful people and their journey to success. Over the course of two years, Vellekoop sought interviews with successful people of all walks of life to document the Encouragers who made positive contributions to their lives. 

            “Encouragers” is replete with personal anecdotes of those who fondly remember the ones who had a positive influence on them, their jobs and their futures. Vellekoop outlines characteristics and actions of Encouragers in the workplace, families, and diverse groups in which people participate. The author is pleased with the interviews of contributors whose stories are told within the pages of this book. Included are former Congressman Allen West, Lt. Col, USA Ret., former Astronaut Winston Scott, Capt. USN, Ret., renowned Near Death Researcher and author Dr. PMH Atwater, Stuart Borton, author and owner Yellow Dog Cafe, author and former Miami Detective Marshall Frank, author and screenwriter Keith Rommel, psychologist and author Dr. Valerie Allen and many others.

            The definition and description of Encouragers grew directly from the accounts of those who were fortunate enough to have met them. Vellekoop says, “From the discussions and interviews I have done, it’s evident Encouragers in diverse locales share commonalities of the ethos of their personal and professional interactions.” She recalls positions she’s held and how the values and politics from the top on down through the ranks, affected the culture in their arenas and those whom they supervised.

            Through the interviews, Vellekoop also learned how Defeaters, those who passively or actively let or cause some to fail, also played a role in the lives of the interviewees. Though not wanting to give Defeaters too much ink, it was obvious their tactics must be acknowledged due to the harm they have done to lives and careers.

            “Encouragers” is a great read about how Encouragers can affect your life and well-being and how you too can be an Encourager to others. The book can be purchased at Amazon.com or by contacting the author directly at hvellekoop@cfl.rr.com.  Vellekoop is the author of seven books, both fiction and non-fiction. Visit her website at www.hollyfoxvellekoop.com

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Book News from Nancy Cohen