Saturday, March 7, 2015

Through Stained Glass by Marlene Louise Walters

Rev. Dr. Marlene Walters is an ordained United Methodist minister, founder and facilitator of numerous support groups. A master of divinity graduate of Palmer Theological Seminary, and doctorate at P.T.S. , Dr. Walters served as a hospital chaplain and a minister at Grace United Methodist Church,
Mt. Lebanon United Methodist Church and a chapel community here in Florida.

....Through Stained Glass encompasses a forty-five year journey guiding a diverse population who were
confronted with many different challenges that life presents.
Where is God when there’s suffering? What would God want us to do? What is my response to difficult situations? 

Each chapter allows the reader to choose which dilemma they have encountered.  Faith, anger, courage, peace of mind, life changes, good and evil, overcoming discouragement, forgiveness, living with the grey, starting over,  are samplings of this effort.

Dr. Walters taught medical ethics, to interns at the medical center, Eastern College, Washington College and nursing schools, enabling her to follow medical ethical issues, such as abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, physician assisted suicide, throughout her career.  Some of these observations are also
addressed in the book, through stained glass.

The book can be purchased through Tate Publishing,  or her mail,,
if an autographed copy is desired. The price is $19.99.

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