Wednesday, March 18, 2015

New book A Current Deception follows Darcy Farthing’s latest adventure

Arleen Alleman crafts absorbing murder-mystery novel set in cruise ship around Australia.
Exciting fast-paced read with multiple plots and unique twists that is bound to keep readers absorbed from first page until last
NAPLES, FL - A Current Deception is the fifth novel in author Arleen Alleman’s “Darcy Farthing” adventure series. It follows a psychopath who invades a cruise ship to seek revenge for a twenty year old crime. Investigative reporter, Darcy Farthing, with her friends and family are drawn into the murder-mystery plot and find themselves in the middle of the trauma.
Readers follow as Darcy and the gang board a luxury cruise ship for a trip to beautiful Australian seaports – a cruise where a baffling murder mystery challenges her investigative skills. The crimes begin when a small town woman is plagued by an attack of yellow crazy ants – a dangerous invasive species – as well as an illness caused by mysterious food-borne bacteria, and the odd cancellation of an onshore tour. These bizarre but relatively minor incidents escalate when the ants injure more passengers and crew members.
Darcy is distracted by an unexpected and disturbing relationship between her daughter Rachael and a stranger cruising alone, but turns her full attention to the crimes when evidence is found in her friend Brooks’ stateroom and the security chief names him as the sole suspect. Brooks is clearly innocent, but the chief is inexplicably reluctant to conduct a more thorough investigation to clear him. Then Darcy’s best friend, Sid, who is also Brooks’ fiancé, becomes the latest victim. Clue by clue, with husband Mick’s help Darcy uses her skills to reveal a homicidal master of disguise and world class computer hacker intent on exacting revenge related to a 20-year-old crime.
A Current Deception is an exciting fast-paced read with multiple plots and unique twists that is bound to keep readers absorbed from first page until last.
About the book:
A Current Deception By Arleen Alleman
ISBN: 9781503539006
Publisher: Xlibris
Date of publish: January 30, 2015
Pages: 340
S.R.P.: $19.99
About the author:
Arleen Alleman is a former senior analyst with the Government Accountability Office where she wrote extensively on many topics ranging from military satellite systems and highway technologies to endangered species and biotechnology. She has a science education, but also worked as a fashion model, teacher, insurance adjuster, jewelry designer and proprietor of a home décor shop. Her interests include reading, health and fitness, origin and history of world religions, and travel. Born in England and raised in New Hampshire and Nevada, she now lives in SW Florida with her husband, Tim. She is the author of five “Darcy Farthing” adventure novels

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