Monday, March 16, 2015

Commuter Collection: Short Stories from the Edge J.P. Osterman

  ITM Press announces the release of short stories by J.P. Osterman: Commuter Collection: Short Stories from the Edge.

            These stories are truly passionate, revealing, and at times controversial.  J.P. Has a wide range of voice and power.  When added to her signature use of emotions and profoundly eloquent verse, we see the reason for her ability to craft the widest ranging stories equal to any contemporary writer today.

            Her collection twists and turns between closely real and the refreshing worlds of her science fiction stories, with a perfect balance of imagination and down to earth humanity.  Commuter Collection stories grab you immediately and yank you in, coming to life from all directions.  Questions are raised, whether it’s endurance, the obnoxious neighbors, life on a future, planet, or the simple outstretched hand to someone in need.

            The fictional worlds remain our world, in spite of obvious betrayals, neglect, or watching true love develop.  It’s the resilience and real human interaction of her characters and their enveloping stories that leave you wanting more.  Commuter Collection will make your commute short and their hours disappear!

            Commuter Collection is available for Kindle at a low cost of $2.99, and in paperback through for $13.95.

J.P. Osterman will be signing copies of all her novels at the Brevard Authors Book Fair on March 28, at the Cocoa Beach Library from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  See her website for more details:

About the Author

As a serious Science Fiction author focused on future space travel, J.P. Osterman was also one of five finalists in the Brevard Library Foundation’s, “Patrick D. Smith Literary Award.”  Her short story “Homeless Man” is pending publication in the Scribblers of Brevard’s novel, Driftwood XXXIV.  She is a member of Scribblers, and the Space Coast Writers’ Guild.  J.P. graduated with Master’s degree from Azusa Pacific University, and she has a B.A. in English (Emphasis in Writing) from the University of San Diego.  In the 1990s while teaching high school English, she met Ray Bradbury who inspired her to write serious science fiction. 
J.P. has written eight novels, mostly science fiction, from exploring Mars in Cosmic Rift, to space-folding to an ancient alien world in First Communication (Book I, The Nelta Series,), Battlefield Matrix (Book II), and Astrocity Sagan (Book III).  Her recent release of short stories entitled, Commuter Collection: Short Stories from the Edge, J.P considers as “her masterpiece” of storytelling at its apex, a compilation of enduring slice-of-life tales to futuristic sci-fi worlds of exploration, and escape.  She has won several awards, including the prestigious Rupert Hughes Award at the seminal Maui Writers’ Conference for her sci-fi novel, The Matter Stream, which she has been transforming into her Nelta Series.  She won First Place for her one-act play, The Man Next to Me, published in the San Diego Writer’s Monthly magazine and which she rewrote as a novel, Pete’s Crossroad and short story, “The Man Next to Me.”  Her other novels include: The Screaming Stone; and her whistleblower suspense novel: Corporate Revenge.  She has a synopsis of these books with excerpts on her website:

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