Monday, February 16, 2015

Silver's Odyssey by Henry C. Duggan, III

SILVER’S ODYSSEY-Florida regional historical fiction novel
                                 A tale of survival in the Florida
                  wilderness from the 1622 shipwrecked Atocha silver galleon.
            swashbuckling survival action--Indians, storms, wild animals.
                 from the Keys to St. Augustine to Spain.
                         smidgen of a love story.
               follow the survivor in his trek across old Florida.
                 142 Reader Reviews on Amazon Books site.
Author—Henry C. Duggan,III
               2012 debut novelist
               age 73, UGA grad, retired banker
               PT local magazine contributor 
               canoed over 100 streams
               5 yrs research and writing
Available—Dearborn St. Book Festival
                Saturday Feb. 21
                  Englewood, Fl

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