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Authors to Speak on Anti-Bullying and Friendship in Literature

League of Extraordinary Authors to Visit DeLaura Middle School

Satellite Beach, FL, January 27th, 2015: "A man of genius has a right to any mode of expression."—Ezra Pound
DeLaura Middle School will celebrate Literacy Week from January 26th- January 30th. They will kick things off with a school wide “Million Minute Read” followed by a variety of engaging literacy-based activities, according to their recently published newsletter. Authors Jaimie M. Engle and Christina Benjamin of the League of Extraordinary Authors will speak on Tuesday, January 27th about literacy and life. Engle, whose book targets bullying and Benjamin, whose novels focus on friendship, will both encourage students to use their words to build up themselves and others in life and literature.

Just who is the League of Extraordinary Authors?

“My passion is to spark creativity through a love of reading and writing in young minds,” said St. Augustine’s award-winning author Christina Benjamin. “I want students energized about becoming creative with the tools they have been given.”

The authors formed the League of Extraordinary Authors because they feel truly passionate about writing and the way it can influence children through developing literacy and language art skills. Creating a strong connection with literature creates successful students and lifelong learners. 

“Kids who read, lead,” said Brevard County’s anti-bullying advocate Jaimie M. Engle. “My books are meant to inspire, empower, and entertain the next generation of leaders by reminding everyone that with #everykidsvoice we can #targetbullying to stop it!”

Here’s more about the books and accomplishments of the authors:

  • Fantasy Adventure Author, Jaimie M. Engle –Clifton Chase is the latest target for bully Ryan Rivales. But after he finds a mysterious arrow in his closet, he takes Ryan's bet to see who can hit the target. Ryan nails the bull's-eye, but Clifton's piece of junk arrow sails out of sight into the Hinterland, a place of sand spurs, fire ants, and roots to trip on. He finally finds his arrow, but something isn't right. Somehow, Clifton has been magically transported back to 1485 England, where he meets two princes bullied by their tyrant uncle who locked them in prison to steal their throne. Only after Clifton learns the true meaning of friendship, bravery, and sacrifice can he help the princes escape and find the courage to face his own bully. Befriended by a dwarf, a mythical bird called Simurgh, and a cast of comical characters, Clifton's adventure through medieval times is perfect for boys and girls 8+ who enjoyed The Chronicles of Narnia & Percy Jackson. Winner of the L. Ron Hubbard’s Writer’s of the Future Competition. Become a fan at
  • Young Adult Author, Christina Benjamin - Author of the national/international award-winning young adult fiction series The Geneva Project. The Geneva Project offers fans of mega-hit YA fiction like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and Percy Jackson a new series to obsess over. Christina paints a vivid world, where magic and imagination run wild in her epic tale of adventure, courage, friendship and self-discovery. Her books Truth and Secrets are geared for ages 10 +, but as with most young adult fiction, its fandom knows no limit. Readers of all ages enjoy being immersed in the vivid scenery and complex characters. Follow Christina at
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