Friday, December 19, 2014

Valerie Allen, psychologist, speaker, and author has published 'Tis Herself: Short Story Collection, Volume One.

The short stories in this collection focus on small, and the not so small, events in the lives of ordinary people. Readers will laugh and cry as they encounter the twists and turns of dealing with everyday life. Each story explores our common and universal experiences and follows the emotional ups and downs of relationships. The reader will wonder at the foolishness and the wisdom, of old and young alike, as their decisions and actions forever shape the course of their future. 
Contents include: Split Second Timing, Puppy Love, No Goin' Home, A Mother's Love, A Marriage of Convenience, I Remember Momma, Leisureville, Potty Talk, Mother Knows Best, Second Chance, The Penalty Box, and Home for the Holidays.
'This Herself: Short Story Collection, Volume One is available as a book, an ebook, and in LARGE PRINT editions.

~ Valerie Allen ~                                

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