Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Positives and Negatives, Tricycles and Pancakes by L. Davyd Pollack

Book Description

Raymond Pollard is a successful businessman, husband, and father. He has a beautiful family, a spectacular home, and though it wasn't always like that, now life is good. On the surface things couldn't get any better, especially for his son BJ who was abandoned by his birth mother shortly after he was born.

Having surmounted the challenges life throws at them, father and son not only survive, they flourish. Ray finally has his ducks in a row and everything is just as it should be. But appearances can be deceiving and in Ray’s case, his past is about to catch up to him with one goal in mind, even the score. In a fast-paced story with unexpected twists and turns, Raymond Pollard meets his match—the enemy within. Only this time, he doesn't have to do it alone. With the help of friends, family, and especially his son BJ, Ray finds the courage to confront his demons and protect all that he loves . . . by risking all that he has.

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L. Davyd Pollack was born and raised in South Florida. He attended the University of Florida and with a lot of hard work, and even more luck, eventually graduated with a degree in Construction. Back then, he had every intention of becoming a contractor and building buildings in Florida until he retired.
After fifteen years in the construction business, he became disillusioned with his chosen profession and spent the next five years trying to find a new source of fulfillment. It was while struggling to make one of his business ventures work, and failing miserably at it, that Davyd decided to try something outside the box. He started to chronicle his life in a daily log (a journal), and for him, it marked a new beginning.

150,000 words later, it occurred to him that writing a novel might be something he could do. He’s been writing ever since.

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