Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Events at Murder on the Beach Bookstore January 2015


Thu Jan 15 at 7 pm.  James W. Hall will speak and sign Big Finish $25.99.

Fri Jan 16 at 7 pm.  Tami Hoag will speak and sign Cold Cold Heart 27.95.

Book Clubs
Sun Jan 18 at 3 pm.  The Sunday Sleuths book club will discuss Robert B. Parker's Lullaby by Ace Atkins 9.99.

Tues Jan 20 at 630 pm.  The Tuesday Murder Club will discuss Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz $9.99.

And coming in February:
Feb 10 Tim Dorsey
Feb 13  Gregg Brickman
Feb 24  Charles Todd
Feb 25  David Putnam
Feb 28  Vicki Delaney


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