Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Published by WestBow Press.   A cozy mystery for teens and adults

A financial crisis forces newly widowed Linda Rogers to make a life-changing decision. She accepts a position as innkeeper with her teenage daughter Amy. The pre-civil war mansion is located on the banks of Lake Michigan and a first sighting is rather disheartening. The mansion had been abandoned for years and has a reputation for being haunted;  it certainly seemed like it was, with mysterious noises, loud crashes and flashing lights. Nevertheless, Linda holds fast to her decision, knowing her Christian faith will carry her through. After renovations Linda and Amy, along with a young security guard Rick Vandermere, hired before the opening discover a hidden tunnel under the house. It appears to be in use! Who is using it and why? Has Linda placed herself and Amy in danger? A budding friendship between Amy and Rick further bothers her. Is Amy too young to get involved? Will the mansion’s reputation keep guests away or will it attract the bizarre?

About the Author

Phyllis Reiser Stone was an Army brat who moved often in her early life. A love of books was a solace for the many moves and lost friendships. She began to write short stories in notebooks during the 3rd grade and kept it up for a number of years. During her senior year in Long Branch NJ High she took a journalism class and was selected to be a co-editor with another classmate. The school paper won honors from Columbia School of Journalism later. A chance tour of a turn of a century house in Red Lodge, Montana was the inspiration for her book. This became the  focus of her book set in Michigan. Phyllis relocated to Palm Bay, Florida, in 2003 and is active in her church, the First Presbyterian Church of Palm Bay, and Health First Family Caregivers.

This book may be purchased through Barnes and Noble, Amazon, or WestBow Press.

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