Friday, November 21, 2014

Retirement Allows One Woman’s Creative Side to Take Flight

Drug lord chases man from Miami to Melbourne in author’s debut novel

Dropping an umbrella on the floor means that there will be a murder in the house.”– An Old Wives Tale

When a woman is implicated as an accomplice in her murdered lover’s theft and she is being hunted by the drug lord he stole from, she must find the money and discover the truth about the man she loved before she becomes buried alongside him.

After more than twenty years serving in the military, wife and mother SaunnieLee has taken retirement by the horns and published her first novel. Umbrella on the Floor tells the story of Karen Gallagher who returns home after ten years working as an investigator for the Army CID. The love of her life, Joe Donnelly, is also back after stealing millions from a Miami drug lord. But the police find him dead in his apartment. The cartel is targeting Karen as Joe’s accomplice and the police are questioning her. Both the law and the lawless want Karen to lead them to the money, only she doesn’t know where it is.

“This book is a cozy sleuth mystery that had me laughing out loud and falling in love with Karen Gallagher as she searched for clues,” said Jaimie M. Engle, SaunnielLee's agent and owner of A Writer For Life, a full-service editing and mentoring firm for aspiring authors. “SaunnieLee just might be the next Sue Grafton!” 

SaunnieLee married and had children directly after high school. In the mid-seventies, she joined the Army and after a twenty year career, she had earned a pension and retired. Today, SaunnieLee lives in Melbourne, Florida where after a few bumps on life's highway she decided it was time to pursue her dream of writing. “Umbrella on the Floor has mystery, murder, and suspense with a touch of love and a whole bunch of smart come-backs,” said SaunnieLee. 

Umbrella on the Floor is SaunnieLee’s first novel of many in her Karen Gallagher Mysteries available on Amazon and Kindle, and through her website at

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