Saturday, November 15, 2014

Kay Williamson announces the publishing of her ninth and latest mystery, "Murder in the Mountains."

     Stephanie Weber, Director of Florence Count Library, Florence, Wisconsin says:  "Murder in the Mountains" is an intriguing read that keeps you hooked into the character's lives until the gripping conclusion."
     When high school English teacher Christina Reed receives a mysterious phone call from her best friend, Lara Sommerfield, she rushes to her aid, only to discover that Lara's cousin Janet has disappeared.  The last person to see Janet alive is Kyle Sommerfield, Lara's husband.
     While staying at the Wildflower Inn in the foothills of North Carolina's Appalachian mountains, Christina meets handsome and irresistible Lance Morgan, a college professor who is writing a book on true crime cases in North Carolina.
     When Janet's body is discovered, Christina, Lara, and Lance work together to help solve the murder.  Who had the most to gain by getting rid of Janet?  How do Janet's husband Mark, Kyle's father Joseph, and a high school senior named John fit into the picture?  And does Janet's murder have anything to do with a cold case involving the disappearance of Kyle's brother?
    This mystery, as well as Kay's eight other mysteries, may be viewed on her web site:
    Kay also announces that she won the General Federation of Woman's Clubs first prize ribbon, for all twelve districts of Florida, for her watercolor "Tea and Cherries."

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