Saturday, November 15, 2014

Don Feeney to appear at the Meet the Author Book Fair in Melbourne Florida

 Author: Don Feeney

Title: "Gathering No Moss (Memoir of a reluctant world traveler) 

Short comment about the book:

     This is a book about a shy, inner-city kid, and how he managed to stumble from one part of the earth to the other.  With literally no plan, guided or misguided by others, his life was laid out before him.  He was a slow learner, pulled along by people and events into an exciting, but lonely life.  By 2014, he had moved 24 times.  From childhood (nuns, catholic schools, guilt), through adolescence and college (not much difference in maturity), into the Air Force (from a Security Police “two striper” who deserted his post, full-circle to an assistant professor of Aerospace Studies at the Air Force Academy), and ultimately into the Department of State (unlikely diplomat, to say the least), this reluctant traveler went where he had to go, all the while carrying a tremendous array of emotions and experiences with him.

     The manuscript carries the reader to many faraway places.  It is carefully written to encourage the reader to feel like he/she is “part of the journey”.  There are thought provoking questions, highly charged emotional situations, and entertaining prose throughout that could only be written by a nomad actually living this life. 
Author bio:

Don Feeney is a recently retired US Diplomat, who served in State Department Embassies and Consulates around the world.   He is also a retired Air Force Officer, who has lived on five continents, and worked and played in over 50 countries.  Don has a M. S. Degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Southern California and currently resides in Indian Harbour Beach, Florida with his wife, Andi, and their cat, Kismet.    
Information about the book:
Twitter: @djfeeney1

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