Thursday, November 20, 2014

Book News: The Hidden Power by Richard Warren

The Hidden Power by Richard Warren

Jake Banyon buys a house from a picture, picks up and moves across country to a small town in Southwest Oregon. He is excited to begin his new life as a writer, but upon arrival he is shot on his balcony and left for dead. He is saved by his neighbor a recent widow named Janine Delaney who with her two daughters owns the dude ranch adjacent to his property. After Jake wakes in the hospital with amnesia and there is a second attempt on his life, the local Sheriff suspects that Jake is a criminal who has brought mayhem into their peaceful town. As the entire community soon becomes embroiled in the intrigue, Jake and Janine band together to make sense of all the crazy events that seem to center around Jake and the dude ranch. Tensions mount as the mayhem escalates toward the climax.

Richard Warren earned an MBA and works as a contractor analyst for NASA. He wrote this book as a tribute to his deceased mother and step-father who taught him what makes a great story come to life. Warren is married with two grown children.

The Hidden Power is available thru Lulu Publishing in all forms of media.

This story is a mystery adventure about how a new technology can tap into the hidden power of both people and science. It is a book about how a mystery can quickly envelop a small community into the intrigue which pushes the characters in unforeseen directions toward an unknown outcome.

Richard Warren will be participating in the Meet the Authors Book Fair on November 22 and 23 in the Eau Gallie Civic Center in Melbourne Florida. Please stop by to see him and his book if you're in the area.

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