Friday, November 7, 2014

Book News from Kandi Siegel

 Florida author Kandi Siegel has three books. They are Rainbow of mine, My Summer Tirumph, and Looking Back, No Regrets, Memoirs From The Heart.  Here's a little about each book.

Rainbow of Mine  is a poem formatted book. It talks about the meanings of the colors of the rainbow in a way that young children can easily understand. It is perfect for all preschoolers - 1st grade.

 My Summer Triumph is a story about a young girl who triumphs at her first time at overnight camp. It is especially for preteens to young teens.

Looking Back, No Regrets shares a woman's relationship struggles from childhood through adulthood in nine hones and touching short stories. Her unique experiences will make you laugh and cry as you walk with her through teenage crushes, bad dates and abusive relationships. This is a story for 18+.
a UCF graduate.  I hold a Bachelor's Degree  
 About the author:
Kandi Siegel is a UCF graduate.   She holds a bachelor's degreein elementary educationn and is also certified in Special Education.  She won Editor's Choice a few years back for a poem she wrote. She is a member of the Space Coast Writers' Guild in Brevard County.
For more information visit her website
 Her books are available on Amazon.

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