Monday, November 17, 2014

Astrocity Sagan By J.P. Osterman

Dr. Elisa Holton has blood running in her veins that’s been modified with highly advanced alien genetic gifts…

After spacefolding for 100 years across the universe onboard the enormous astrocity, Sagan, Elisa Holton and 100,000 of Earth’s leading scientists, doctors, researchers, and artists are just six weeks away from arriving on planet Nelta.  The ancients Neltans have existed for millions of years longer than humanity and are thought to be at least a Kardashev Level-V civilization.  Yet they need our help.

During the long journey, rumors and doubts about living among the Neltans abound.
Thornton Manning, a Sagan leader, is fueling fear.  He’s been experimenting with technology since day one of receiving blueprints from the Neltans.  Will the neural interface invention meddling with peoples’ minds now backfire on him?  That’s just the start!

As they approach Nelta, many are experiencing weird and strange visions, scaring people half-to-death.  What really is causing these unusual attacks?  If left unsolved, their long voyage could end in an eternal drift through space!

The ship’s ruling class, The Regents, could be to blame, or possibly the new 273 protest group?  Or maybe the astrocity’s chaos is originating from an outside alien influence?  Drawing on the multitude of her genetic gifts, Elisa Holton launches a covert investigation to break barriers and discover the truth as she navigates unchartered spaces around Sagan.

Author Bio:

Writing Career:  J.P. Osterman graduated from the University of San Diego with a BA in English (emphasis Writing) and has an MA in Education from Azusa Pacific University.  She taught high school English for 8 years in Southern California and 2 years in Hawaii. 

She won the prestigious Rupert Hughes Award at the seminal Maui Writer’s Conference and First Place in the Southern California Writer’s conference for her one-act play, The Man Next to Me.  She also studied psychology at Texas State University for a year and a half.  She primarily writes science fiction but also mainstream fiction.  Her other novels include:  First Communication (Book I, the Nelta Series), Battlefield Matrix (Book II in the Neltan Series), Cosmic Rift, Dimension Mind, The Screaming Stone, Pete’s Crossroad, and Corporate Revenge.

Osterman will be at the Meet the Authors Book Fair at the Eau Gallie Civic Center in Melbourne, Florida, on November 22 and 23.  

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