Friday, October 17, 2014

News from Valerie Allen

Valerie Allen, psychologist, speaker, and author has published another short story:

            Potty Talk - After overhearing a conversation between two divorcees, a young
            woman gains insight into what she wants and needs from the man she loves.

Potty Talk is part of Valerie Allen's, 'Tis Herself Short Story Collection. The short stories in this collection are poignant reminders of the universal strengths and shortfalls within relationships. Faced with a turning point, individuals do the best they can, with what they have, at that moment in time. Decisions are made, consequences endured, and insight gained. These short stories focus on emotional resilience.

These popular short stories in Valerie Allen's, 'Tis Herself Short Story Collection, are available for Kindle ebook readers at or as a hard copy directly from the author, Valerie Allen. Contact Valerie at


~ ~ Titles in the 'Tis Herself Short Story Collection ~ ~

Split Second Timing                            www.Amazon/com/dp/B00H8XEO6S

Puppy Love                               

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A Marriage of Convenience      

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Potty Talk                                  

Home for the Holidays              

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