Sunday, September 14, 2014

From Wayward Cat Publishing- Two Books by Dianna Dann

Always Magnolia
by Dianna Dann
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It was always Magnolia;
Only Magnolia would do.
A love story for the fractured and broken...
Bobby Jack Beaumont has been forgetting for as long as Magnolia has known him. It was easy to let him do it--nobody wanted to remember those things.
Now he's out in the scrub by the railroad tracks, lost and empty. He's forgotten all of it--everything. Even Magnolia.

If she reminds him, if she tells it just so...they can fix the past and he'll come home again.

But not every bad thing can be fixed by telling a different story.

 Wayward Cat Finds a Home
by Dana Trantham
Available at Amazon in print and on Kindle
A little cat with a BIG imagination!

Wayward Cat was born to a stray cat in Mrs. Person's garage. Soon, he's off to the adoption center to find a new home.

His chances of success are slim when no one wants him and he must go home with a volunteer.

Can he convince his new housemate, Squeakers, to let him stay?

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