Friday, June 13, 2014

Navajo Dawn by Carol Ann Didier

Carol Ann Didier's latest book is available on Amazon Kindle now.  Here's a link to the site.  Click Here

Here's a short synopsis of it.

Bacca Begay, son of a Navajo Holy Man, has sworn vengeance against all white soldiers for the whipping they gave his father while imprisoned on the Bosque Redondo for a crime he never committed. He has sworn to kill ten bluecoats for every lash his father received.

It was said of him that he could read the terrain like a topographer reads a map, or a gem smith knows a stone lies within a certain kind of rock.

Julietta is a general’s daughter caught in the crossfire between the Navajo she loved and his revenge against the father she adored.

Julietta knew he could kill without conscience but she also believed, not without cause. She might never be able to excuse it, but she did not let it drive her away either.

At first her touch was hesitant but when she hard his sudden intake of air and realized she’d pleased him, her touch became bolder, exploring new territory for both of them. The feeling rushing through her should have been fear, but it only mimicked fear, it wasn’t fear at all.

His mind said, “Set her free. Send her back to her people,” but his heart said, “No. She is my people.”

He said to her, “Why don’t you scream and get hysterical in the ways of the white women?”

She answered, “Because I know you would never hurt me. Your anger is not directed at me, but at my father and the soldiers under him.”

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