Monday, June 30, 2014

Holly Fox Vellekoop announces her latest novel "The Amazing Adventures of Gramma."

In "The Amazing Adventures of Gramma," this crime-fighting Gramma is way ahead of everyone, including bad guys, pit bulls, zombies and everyone else who crosses her path. From one end of the world to another, Gramma shows she's got what it takes to solve mysteries, keep up with her active grandchildren and thwart criminals. Is there anyone worth knowing whom Gramma doesn't know? I don't think so! Rock stars, heads of state and everyone else contact Gramma when they need help. Along with her grandchildren and crime-stopping friends, she lays claim to worldwide success, but Gramma's not without her enemies. There are those who want to take her out in more ways than one! Oh, we can't forget Gramma's pampered Pomeranian Sweetums, her doggie friends, and their contribution to the story, too. It's an unforgettably true, or nearly true, or...maybe not.
"The Amazing Adventure of Gramma" is for Grandparents, Grandchildren and everyone in between. You grandparents should get this for your grandchildren. They'll be wondering if this Gramma is you! And you grandparents, read this and decide if this is the life for you!

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Holly Fox Vellekoop, MSN, Author

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