Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sin by J.M. LeDuc

Sinclair O’Malley left Tumbleboat Key straight out of high school and swore she would never go back. At eighteen, she enlisted in the Marines and was recruited by the FBI straight out of Quantico. She was recruited for her intelligence and attitude . . . and released by the bureau one year later because of the same attributes. For the past six years, she has led a unit of mercenaries fighting the enemy that is outside of U.S. jurisdiction. 

Now, the FBI needs her back.

Six young girls of Central American ethnicity have washed up along the shore of the Florida Keys and the Gulf of Mexico. All of the bodies show signs of torture and prolonged captivity. Three FBI agents were sent undercover to investigate and all ended up dead.

It is said, “Fight Fire with Fire,
The bureau now knows,
“Fight sin with Sin!

Her name says it all: Tempting―Dangerous­­―Deadly

Mark Adduci, writing as J. M. LeDuc, is a native Bostonian, who transplanted to South Florida in 1985. He shares his love and life with his wife, Sherri and his daughter, Chelsea.
Blessed to have had a mother who loved the written word, her passion was passed on to him. It is in her maiden name he writes. When he is not crafting the plot of his next thriller, his alter ego is busy working as a professor at The Academy of Nursing and Health Occupations, a nursing college in West Palm Beach, Florida.
J.M. LeDuc’s first novel, “Cursed Blessing,” won a Royal Palm Literary Award in 2008 as an unpublished manuscript in the thriller category and was published in 2010. The rest of the Trilogy of the Chosen: “Cursed Presence” and “Cursed Days” followed in 2012, as well as a novella, “Phantom Squad”—a prequel to the trilogy. “Cornerstone,” the continuation of the Phantom Squad Series was published in 2013 to critical acclaim.
“SIN” is the first book in the new Sinclair O’Malley Series.
J.M. is a proud member of the prestigious International Thriller Writers (ITW) as well as the Florida Writers Association (FWA) and loves to interact with his fans.  He can be reached at and on Facebook on his author page.
 SIN will be released on May 13, 2014 and will be available at all major booksellers in print and in digital formats.

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