Thursday, June 5, 2014

Interview with Keith Rommel

The Monster Men are proud to present an interview with author Keith Rommel.

Keith is the author of THE CURSED MAN, an incredibly original and entertaining book that is currently in production as a movie. It's a great read. This, along with his other books, THE LURKING MAN and the upcoming THE SINFUL MAN, are part of his Thanatology Series. (The study of death and dying.)

Keith is a fantastic author and a person to keep your eye on. His work is turning a lot of heads and is being described as being in the spirit of Stephen King.

Keith is also great guy. As you watch this interview, you can't help but like him. He's friendly, entertaining and quite candid. We learned the stories behind his books as well as what it's like to have one of your novels made into a film. It is fascinating.

For all things Keith Rommel, visit his website at and pick up his books on Amazon.

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Holly Fox Vellekoop said...

Congratulations, Keith. This is awesome news. We are eager for the movie "The Cused Man" to be a big success for you. Holly Fox Vellekoop