Friday, March 21, 2014

Book News. ME AND JIM byh Aitch Embee

Aitch Embee’s new book ME AND JIM was self published via CreateSpace and Amazon in March 2014. ME AND JIM is a collection of 40 short stories centered around a pair of twelvish boys and their dealings with their families, friends and the world around them. 
The primary voice is that of Bud who sets the scenes and introduces the other characters. These include Jim, his best friend in the whole world, Ma and Pa, Prissy Pigtails, his older sister, General Smith, his dog, and a raft of other friends, neighbors and even strangers. Jamie Jenkins, a tomboy is the two boy’s nemesis. The action takes place in New Smithville, located anywhere in the United States. These stories, told in the boys vernacular, range from humorous to poignant, but are all entertaining and make for light reading by both men and women and even boys and girls.
About the Author
Aitch Embee is the pseudonym used by Howard M. Bernbaum, a retired professional engineer and is taken directly from his initials. Howard has been writing almost all his adult years, both technical and fiction and has been published in a variety of magazines as well as corporate internal
documents. ME AND JIM is his second book of short stories following two years after the introduction of WERE YOU TALKING TO ME? a collection about his also fictitious character, Martin Luther Gittleman.
These stories should provide ample enjoyment for those who have limited time to read. Each story takes a matter of minutes to read and is not dependent on other stories in the book. Perfect for a plane trip or a bathroom stop.
ME AND JIM is available at Amazon

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