Monday, March 3, 2014

Book News from Gerald McCallum

Author Gerald McCallum announces the release of Smugglers 3 Accidental Kingpin: Murder in Hawaii, available on

About the book: The smuggling never stops and neither does the killing. Ride along with Geraldo who never planned on smuggling drugs. You might say the first batch of cocaine simply fell into his lap about ten miles off the coast of Miami. He and his buddies can't resist the riches the first hundred pounds of the premium white stuff represents. It is the start of their journey through hell. Geraldo discovers that he has a talent for smuggling drugs, but the gift brings out the worst in his opponents. Journey with Geraldo as he outsmarts the drug cartel. When his lifestyle wrecks havoc on his family, Geraldo finds he has an even greater ability to deliver revenge to those who cross him.

This is the third in McCallum's Smugglers series. His first novel was Smugglers 1 Nikki; his second is Smugglers 2 The Sheriff. They are all available as ebooks as well as paperback on

About Smugglers 1 Nikki: Sex, Cocaine & Murder in the Florida Keys: Nikki's nightmare. With her marina in foreclosure and her husband leaving her for an heiress with an opulent yacht, Nikki needs money and FAST! A drug runner in love with Nikki seizes the opportunity to rescue her from financial ruin. The catch: he wants half ownership in the marina and silence about the source of his money. Enter Nikki's unscrupulous lawyer, the DEA and harrowing adventures in the Florida Keys. Murder is only a breath away, and soon Nikki i up to her pretty blue eyes in cash and cops. Nikki discovers that she not only likes a life of intrigue, but that she is good at it. Soon, men and women alike fall for her manipulations and sexual exploits until she meets her match in the darkly beautiful young dancer, Isabelle. Nikki's nightmare plays out on a backdrop of sunlit skies, emerald waters and ebony nights of the Florida keys.

About Smugglers 2 The Sheriff: Sex, Meth and Murder: Lost and Found: When Isabelle's car is pulled from the water of a gravel pit, the local sheriff finds her suitcase of money in the trunk. He absconds with millions of dollars in cash, and so the story continues . . . Cartel Crazy: Sheriff Mack retires to Tuscon where he lays low until he decides he wants more than millions. Greed and the desire for power propels him toward a smuggling deal with the Mexican Cartel. Eventually his relationship with the Cartel turns sour. When they kidnap and kill Mack's woman to take over his customers and delivery routes, Mack's Marine sniper past kicks in. Revenge drives the Sheriff as he embarks on a "Killing the Cartel" spree, a violent journey that takes him, a new partner in crime, and two beautiful dancers who travel with them for the drugs, sex, and easy money, leaving a trail of blood and bullets from Tucson to Key West, ending up at the marina where it all started.

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