Wednesday, December 11, 2013

CROSSROADS, A Camino Tale Captures Pre-Release Awards

Author F.R. Merrill's latest book,  CROSSROADS, A Camino Tale, is an award winner prior to publication.  CROSSROADS, Merrill's second book, won the Unpublished Manuscripts Category of the 2013 Great Southwest Book Festival.

Florida resident F.R. Merrill wrote and performed short stories for over twenty years. When Merrill met editor and publisher Pat McDonough the idea of publishing a novel went from fantasy to reality. 

Now, not only has Merrill written her second novel, (her first novel, The Final Act, was published in 2012), but she received a top award prior to publication. CROSSROADS, A Camino Tale won top honors in the Unpublished Manuscripts Category of the 2013 Great Southwest Book Festival in Hollywood, California.

CROSSROADS, A Camino Tale  revolves around women overcoming physical and psychological challenges with determination. 

Characters from The Final Act mature in CROSSROADS as seven women come together to journey across Spain. Unsuspected, one member arrives with hatred in her heart and revenge is her only mission. Lives are threatened, emotions peaked, and miracles abound on this physically demanding hike over 550 miles of Spain’s most beautiful countryside.

Although fiction, CROSSROADS was inspired by Merrill's own travels. In 2006 she walked The Camino Del Norte with a friend who was facing serious challenges in her life. The friend's courage and the healing power of the Camino inspired Merrill to write the book.

Several books have been written on the Camino. Most are travel logs or have been written from one individual viewpoint. In CROSSROADS, by traveling the Camino with seven imaginary characters, the story is able to unfold from several different perspectives.

About award-winning author F.R. MERRILL

In addition to being a prolific author of short stories and two novels, F.R. Merrill is also a doctor of chiropractic who incorporates art and storytelling into the healing process. Dr. Merrill states, “The greatest compliment one person can give to another is to listen to his or her story. It’s where the healing begins.”

 For media interviews about CROSSROADS, A Camino Tale, please contact  F.R. Merrill at (321) 724-5625.

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