Monday, December 30, 2013

A Garden Full of Butterflies by Lynn S. Combes

In A GARDEN FULL OF BUTTERFLIES, a young girl Marissa is trying to cope and understand the death of her mother. Her father is not only trying to deal with his wife's death but also take care of Marissa.  Marissa finds comfort in a kind neighbor, Mrs. Chancey  and a butterfly garden that Mrs. Chancey takes great pride in. One day Mrs. Chancey explains to Marissa why her butterfly garden is so important to her and tells Marissa a special story that relates to the butterflies but is similar to a biblical parable. With Mrs. Chancey's guidance both Marissa and her Dad learn that death does not have to be final. They can have eternal life with their loved ones.
About the Author
Lynn S. Combes  was born in Queens, New York.  She married her husband and moved to Florida to raise a family where they have lived for thirty-two years.  They have raised three children together. Their first daughter was called home to be with the Lord at the age of five. The death of her daughter promoted Lynn  to become educated in the grieving process. Her desire to help others deal with grief prompted Lynn to work in a local Hospice organization where she developed and oversaw bereavement programs.  She later went on to complete her Masters Degree in elementary education, specializing in Childhood Learning Disabilities. Her expertise in the grieving process has given Lynn numerous opportunities to speak to groups and individuals. This testimony along with her love and devotion to God , forms the basis of her writings.
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