Saturday, February 8, 2014

Silent No More by Margaret Lamb Johnson Hayes, MD (Update)

Dr. Margaret Hayes severed ties with her family of origin when they refused to accept her interracial marriage.  She decided that in order to move on with her life she had to leave the past in the past. But when an unexpected injury leads to further health concerns, Hayes has to make the brave choice to look back in order to know how to move forward.

With thirty years of medical experience in the field of psychiatry, as well as the love and support of her husband, Hayes finally faces the dark truths of her childhood and works through the trauma of being a victim of sexual and ritual abuse.

In Silent No More, Dr. Hayes speaks up for other abuse survivors who still suffer under the cloud of public disbelief.  Terrible abuse does happen and victims need to be acknowledged.

But that is not the end of her story.  Hayes believes that through effort and support, abuse victims can live successful, full, and even happy lives, and she offers her story as proof.

An articulate and inspirational narrative on the challenging topics of sexual abuse and racism, Silent No More will move you to stand for truth.


Margaret Lamb Johnson Hayes, MD, is a board-certified psychiatrist and former officer of the US Air Force and Foreign Service.  She earned her MD in Bethesda, Maryland, and completed her psychiatry residency in Los Angeles. Throughout her career, she has led departments of psychiatry, including at the Viera, Florida VA Outpatient Clinic, and practiced in a number of clinical settings.

In spite of being born in Alabama within a family who epitomized the racist side of the Deep South, Dr. Hayes learned to shed the bigotry of her upbringing and found true love within her interracial marriage.  Encouraged by her husband, she decided to brave sharing her story of childhood abuse, hoping that her thirty-year career in the medial field will lend credibility to the dark truths of ritual and sexual abuse that truly do occur.

Silent No More is her story, not just of the abuse she suffered as a child, but of the love she found as an adult. 

The book is currently available in paperback from the author, who can be reached through her website www.thelambspeaks.comor by email at  Within a few weeks, the book is expected to be available through in paperback and in Kindle ebook.  The cost of the paperback is $13.99 plus $4.00 shipping.

Dr. Hayes will be participating in the Authors for Authors Book Fair  at the Eau Gallie Civic Center, Melbourne, FL on Sunday, November 24, 2013.

UPDATE from Dr. Hayes: Now I am very happy to say that my memoir, Silent No More: The Lamb Speaks, is again available in paperback through, and a Kindle edition has just been released. The posted price of the paperback is $14.99, but Amazon runs discounts from time to time. The Kindle price is $9.99, but I have enrolled in Kindle Select and anticipate having periodic discounts as I become eligible for that.  The paperback can also be purchased by using my website to order the book directly from me at $14.99 plus $3 shipping.

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