Monday, November 25, 2013

Moments to Treasure: Prayers for Navigating Life's Journey by John Rehg

John Rehg has released his latest spiritual/inspirational book: Moments to Treasure: Prayers for Navigating Life's Journey, available as a Kindle download (without pictures) and in paperback with color photos inside.

A website dedicated to the book and all things positive and inspirational is On the blog site you can request a download of a fillable PDF - so that you can create your own personal prayer/inspiration book.

While contemplating a prayer book for the new year, John found out his granddaughter was diagnosed with Wilms tumor, and dedicated the book to her. She is doing well through her treatments and the disease is highly curable, which is great news.

In addition to producing the book for sale, the publisher, Soul Attitude Press (owned by John), is offering to put your picture on the cover and your dedication, so that you may give it as a gift to others or use as a fundraiser. You can find out more about this offer on the website

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