Sunday, November 10, 2013

Altered Selves by Christopher Hawke

After a near death experience, author Christopher Hawke realigned his life with what matters most. He started, a website supporting spiritual and nature-oriented retreats and classes. Currently, Hawke works as an intuitive Life Guide, a spiritually grounded mentor dedicated to helping others align their lives with passion and possibilities.

He is also co-founder of Community Authors, a project centered on making life easier for writers.  Eco Spirit Life in partnership with Community Authors facilitates two writing groups each week in the South Florida area.  Writing to Wellness focuses on sharing though journaling exercises.  Fiction Writing Today is a critique group geared toward seeing your work in print—finished and polished.

His debut novel, Unnatural Truth—a surreal psychological thriller focusing on the perception of reality, addiction, and mental illness established Hawke’s unique talent for storytelling. His prose weaves together philosophy, spirituality, psychology, and terror into deep stories for deep people.

Hawke’s second novel, Altered Selves is a 21st century fable about what it means to have a soul and the power of true forgiveness. Go to to learn more.
A 21st century fable about what it means to have a soul, Altered Selves follows the quest of twin brothers through reality-bending evil, into the heart of the impossible.

Their eighth Christmas ends with James accidentally killing his brother, Andrew, with their father’s handgun. Twenty-six years later, as James struggles with regret and alcoholism in New York, Andrew lives imprisoned beyond the mortal world. Separated by death, the brothers reclaim their lives and discover the true meaning of forgiveness.

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