Friday, October 4, 2013

WATCHING CORONA > From Our Dimension to Yours by Holly Fox Vellekoop

Watching Corona is a Science Fiction novel suitable for all ages.

Though possessing a high IQ, young Grace Bond has no answers for the daytime concerns with which she is struggling. Otherworldly dreams and visions haunt her waking hours without explanation. The startling news of her pregnancy, despite never having been with a man, complicates a life already in flux. 
The death of Grace’s parents, whose bodies remain missing, was shocking enough. Now, the pregnancy brings with it more questions and concerns. Stressed to the max, the young woman has problems far greater than shouldered by most. 
A scent of Candidum lilies, both fresh and decaying, wafting from Grace’s lily fields, triggers visions and an ‘inner voice.’ Are these of creatures from outer space, something even more sinister, or a psyche cracking in response to stress? 
Grace’s genius child Corona is thrust into the schemes of the beings she calls her “nighttime family.” Passing from their dimension to Corona’s, foraging and observing, her “nighttime family” actively engages with chosen humans until they gain what they want. 
Corona enters the beings’ dimension which harbors friends, foes and much more, including advancements which at first, she envies. Whom can she trust? Through passing over to their domain, will Corona solve the mystery of her importance to them and the plans they have for her world? 
Corona and others learn that politics are not confined to the human realm only, nor are greed and oppression. She and two prodigy friends wander the beings’ space, without their approval, discovering secrets and sinister reasons for their wanting to contact us. 
“Things are not always as they seem; the first appearance deceives many.” 

WATCHING CORONA is the latest novel for Holly. Her other books include, Justice and RevengeHow to Help When Parents Grieve and STONE HAVEN: Murder Along the River. Holly is a member of the Space Coast Writers Guild, National Association of the League of Pen Women, Creative Arts Foundation of Brevard and a member of Authors For Authors, a group dedicated to providing book fairs for local authors. Visit Holly's website at:
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