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T.D. Allman Finding Florida; The True History of the Sunshine State

WHAT: Florida Historical Society - Discover Florida Series
T.D. Allman, Finding Florida; The True History of the Sunshine State
WHEN: Thursday, December 5, 2013 7 PM Lecture and Discussion
WHERE: 435 Brevard Avenue, Historic Cocoa Village

Florida Historical Society Hosts: Author, T. D. Allman Finding Florida
Brevard County, FL (September 6, 2013) 

The Florida Historical Society will host author and journalist, T.D. Allman Thursday, December 5, 2013. Allman will discuss his latest book, Finding Florida. According to a review of Finding Florida in the New York Times, “Allman eviscerates just about all the men (and the handful of women) who have been influential in the state’s history.

American presidents come in for particularly scathing indictments. Allman notes that it is not an accident that Andrew Jackson, who served as governor of Florida after leading a military incursion into the state, was saddled with a moniker – Old Hickory – that refers to the wood used to beat slaves. ‘Jackson’s long-term purpose was to transform – as he already had Alabama, Mississippi and his adopted home state, Tennessee – into a white supremacist slave state,’ Allman writes. John Quincy Adams, who served as secretary of state when the United States annexed Florida, doesn’t fare much better. While it is commonly held that the United States ‘purchased’ the state from the Spanish, no money was ever paid to Spain. For his role in acquiring the territory, Allman calls Adams ‘as much a thug as Jackson was.’

“Allman is an indignant storyteller. He takes particular affront at how Florida historiography has mischaracterized pivotal players and events, and zealously marshalls evidence to set the record straight,” states the New York Times review.

The lecture begins at 7 P.M. in the Library of Florida History, 435 Brevard Avenue in Historic Cocoa Village. The event is free and open to the public. Discussion and refreshments follow the talk. For more information on the Florida Historical Society and the Discover Florida Series, visit www.myfloridahistory.org

About the Author:
T. D. Allman is the author of Miami: City of the Future and Rogue State: America at War with
the World. A native Floridian, he has written for countless publications and was a foreign
correspondent for Vanity Fair.

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