Monday, October 28, 2013

Dippy Duck's Adventures by Barbara A. Beswick

Dippy  Duck's Adventures is the newest children's book released from Mirror Publishing Co. written by Barbara Beswick of Sebring, Florida. Barbara is originally from New Jersey where she and her husband owned a gentlemen's farm and raised 5 children. The idea for this book is only one of the many stories that happened on the farm. Erich was her youngest son when this story of the Pekin duck, "Dippy," actually happened. He is rescued by Erich from a red fox and then, the adventure continues.

The book is designed for any age listener and readers from 4th to 7th grade. Readers will find the included Glossary a big help before reading the story. 
 The pastel illustrations give a feeling for farm living and were executed by Barbara who is a retired art teacher. Barbara also wrote A Christmas Moon in 2012 and both books are available by ordering through any book store or on line at Amazon.
Barbara Beswick and son, Erich who is the main character (10 years ond) in her new children's book, Dippy Duck's Adventures.

Cover of book illustrated by the author with several reviews by notaries on the back.

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