Monday, September 30, 2013

Mary Greenwood to Appear at Event to Help Fight Alzheimers

Mary Greenwood will sign her award-winning books and Paula Felici, artist and owner of Le Cose Belle Gallery will exhibit her paintings, jewlery and hand-painted furniture at Le Cose Belle Gallery, 5915 North Ocean Shore Blvd. (AIA), Palm Coast, Fl. on Friday, October 11, 2013 from 4:00 to 7:00 PM.  A percentage of all sales and raffles will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Association of Jacksonville.
Palm Coast, Fla. – Mary Greenwood’s award-winning books, How to Negotiate Like a Pro: Forty-One Rules for Resolving Disputes, How to Mediate like a Pro, and How to Interview Like a Pro will be available at Meet the Artist, Greet the Author and Defeat Alzheimer’s. Greenwood’s books give the reader the tools to resolve any kind of dispute. It reveals the preparations, strategies and tactics needed to close any deal, whether it is a negotiation, mediation or job interview.
Greenwood’s books are timely: “Everyone is involved in conflicts and disputes,” she says. In addition, she provides a short list of some of the topics covered in her book,  How to Negotiate Like a Pro, such as how to negotiate with your spouse, how to close the deal and how to negotiate with your boss. Most unique are the 41 scripts she has created to walk readers carefully through each stage of the negotiation.

If you are unable to negotiate a settlement, you may want to read How to Mediate Like a Pro, which is being read by professional mediators and those who mediate disputes, such as supervisors, parents or teachers. How to Mediate Like a Pro has been the biggest seller of Greenwood’s books.

In these economic times, everyone is looking for a job or knows someone who is. How to Interview Like a Pro, 43 Rules for Getting Your Next Job offers strategies to prepare for your interviews and impress hiring managers with answers that will help you land a job. Greenwood provides insight into how to answer those difficult questions and negotiate salary. She has been on both sides of the interview process: She has interviewed thousands in her job as HR Director and she has also been an applicant for hundreds of interviews, as well.

Greenwood has won over 34 book awards for her three books, including: Winner, Indie Excellence Awards; Winner, Reader Views Book Awards; Winner Best National Book Awards: Winner, New York Book Festival; Winner, DIY Book Festival; and Silver Winner ForeWord Book Awards.

About the Author
Mary Greenwood, JD, LLM, is an attorney, negotiator, mediator, arbitrator, human resources professional with more than 25 years of experience. Greenwood lives in Palm Coast with her Boston terrier, Annabelle. Visit to learn more. For more info, email me at

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