Saturday, July 20, 2013

Seashells, Gator Bones, and the Church of Everlasting Liability by Susan Adger

. The publisher, Grey Gecko Press, describes Susan Adger's book:
In the 1930s, the fictional town of Toad Springs, Florida was filled with the adventures and daily whatnots of down-to-earth, worthy folk such as Flavey Stroudamore, owner of Stroudamore’s Rare Reptile Ranch, with a three-legged gator named Precious - who just happened to have a birthmark of Jesus on his side.

Joining Flavey are Buck Blander, pastor of the Church of Everlasting Liability, who honed his preaching skills in prison, but doesn’t tell his parishioners, and Sweetie Mooney, whose attempts to run a beauty shop in her aunt’s home fail after tragedies with head lice and henna hair dye.

Enjoy the life and laughter of this funny and heartwarming collection of tales from the Sunshine State!

About the Author

Susan Adger is a fifth generation Floridian who has created a series of short stories, written by the inhabitants of a fictional Florida town called Toad Springs. The ideas for the characters are loosely patterned from stories Adger's grandmother and her sisters told when she was growing up in Mango, Florida.

The book is available through,, and in hardback, paperback, and as an e-book.
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Ron Eklof said...

Susan has a wry sense of humor, a sharp eye for personality and a warm feeling for place. I can hear the screen door slam on the front porch.