Friday, June 21, 2013

FWA 2013 Collections Writing Competition Winners

Sixty members of the Florida Writers Association just stepped into the spotlight. These are the authors whose work was selected for FWA’s Collection #5—It’s a Crime. This short story contest, sponsored by the Board of Directors of the Florida Writers Association and Peppertree Press, FWA’s official publisher for Collections, was created to offer FWA members another way to be published, and another way to grow their writing skills.

Every year this story collection gains prestige.

The concept is simple. Each year, the contest has a theme, and all submissions must conform to that theme (and the word limitations). Fiction, nonfiction, and poetry are all permissible. Through blind judging, FWA’s Collection panel of judges selects the top 60 entries, which comprise the body of the book.

There’s more. Each book also boasts a Person of Renown, who ranks his or her ten favorite entries, which appear at the front of the book in the order of preference of the Person of Renown. This year’s Person of Renown is Michael Wiley, a St. Martin’s Press bestselling mystery writer, whose last book won the 2012 Best Hardback PI Novel Shamus Award.

Michael’s top ten stories for 2013 are as follows:

1. “Inheritance,” by Robert Hart
2. “The End of a Marriage,” by Catherine Giordano
3. “Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight,” by Anu Varma Panchal
4. “Family Lies,” by Jane Freeman
5. “Last Summer,” by Chris Hamilton
6. “Double Tap,” by Wendy Blake Pottinger
7. “What's Wrong with Me?” by Joan North
8. “The Pumpkin Caper,” by Dave Archard
9. “Buried in the Backyard,” by Beda Kantarjian
10. “Tastes Like Flowers,” by Lori Thatcher

Congratulations, as well, to the other 50 winners, listed alphabetically: Robert Alan, Lisa Anders, Dan Anderson, Beverly Bailey, Monika Becker, Jeff Boyle, Teresa Bruce, Bria Burton, Patricia Crumpler, Terri Curtis, Melody Dimick, Walter Doherty, Kate Franklin, Michael Goldcraft, Veronica H. Hart, Christine Holmes, John Hope, Sharon Johnson, Carol Jones, Linda Kelley, Bruce H. Kubec, Peggy Lambert, Stephen Leitschuh, Philip Levin, Katherine Levitz, Joan Levy, Kate Maier, Frank Masi, Mark McWaters, Elizabeth Nebergall, Mark Newhouse, Frances Palmigiano, Lois Patton, Rachel Printy, Pat Rakowski, Cheri Roman, Gwen Rutter, Serena Schreiber, Wendy Scott, Faun Senatro, Brian Shea, Dale Simpson, Miche Sipes, Phyllis Smallman, Lona Smith, Ann Suarez, Tom Swartz, Gayle Swift, Judith Weber, and John J. White.

Collections #5—It’s a Crime will debut at FWA’s annual conference, “The Greatest Writers Conference on Earth,” October 18-20 at the Orlando Marriott Lake Mary. Michael Wiley himself will be there—as a keynoter for Friday’s dinner, as a workshop presenter, as the 2013 Collections Person of Renown with special recognition at Friday’s lunch, and as a mentor to members who purchase one-on-one interviews with him.

The Florida Writers Association, 1,300 members strong, is a 501[c]6 trade association formed to help authors and aspiring writers learn, grow, network, and find resources to cultivate their inner muse, improve their writing, and navigate the shoals of the publishing industry. Membership is open to the public.

Collections numbers 1-4 and FWA’s history book are available for immediate purchase.

To learn more or to purchase a book, please visit the FWA website:

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