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Apache Lover by Carol Ann Didier

Carol Didier just published her fourth and last book in the Apache Warrior Series, called APACHE LOVER.  It is now up on Amazon, Kindle KDP print, and is available for $3.99. the second and third books are called, APACHE SUMMER,  and APACHE WINTER. I've attached a picture of the cover, a blurb about the book and a short bio on me which you can condense, use or discard. You do such a nice service to us all. Thanks. so much.


The wild and free Apaches are finally subdued and confined to a reservation in SW Arizona. Cougar and Gabriella meet at a reception for the Apache tribe held in Washington DC, hosted by President Ylysses S. Grant.

Tom Jeffords, the indian agent, has arranged for a delegation of Chiricahua Apaches to meet with the president and congress to plead for better living conditions on the first indian reservation in Arizona. He hopes to convince the politica leaders that better treatment of the Apaches, schooling, sanitary conditions and health care need to be provided as well as cattle and food supplies to help them start a new way of life.

Gabriella is a youn debutant just out of finishing school in baltimore. Cougar is a throwback to the unbridled Apache warrior of Cochise's days. Cougar hates the reservation and the loss of the old ways, but he cannot deny the attraction he feels for the white Nah-lin (young girl).

Bagriella doesn't see anything to like about Cougar and calls him an oaf and a barbarian. No matter, Cougar thinks they have looked at each other and some day she will be his.


Ask her, and Carol Ann will tell you she’s a “late bloomer.” At retirement, she had no idea she would be starting a second career as a writer, let alone writing about Native Americans. However, she will tell you that it is a love that grew out her fascination with our westward expansion as a nation and because at twelve years old, she went to see Jeff Chandler play Cochise in the movie, BROKEN ARROW. She says at 12, she fell in love with a dead Jewish actor, who played a dead Indian Chief. From then on, every book report or term paper in high school was on our early pioneers and the first real Americans. Later, as an adult, she visited the very places she had studied and actually stayed on several reservations making friends with Apaches, Navajos, Sioux and others, on her summer vacations, through the help of missionary friends living and working there.

Carol Ann has been published in CHARISMA and LITERARY LIFT-OFF magazines. She also writes inspirational vignettes, verses for greeting cards, and stories for her grandchildren. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, she now lives on the East Coast of Florida.

A list of her books include the “Apache Warrior series,” APACHE WARRIOR, APACHE SUMMER, APACHE WINTER, APACHE LOVER, and NAVAJO NIGHT. Her inspirational book is called TRIVIA, TEA about her life as a divorced mom and how God took the sad and bad things in life and turned them around for good. All her stories area available on, either published by Kensington Publishing, or on the Kindle.

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