Monday, May 6, 2013

Murder on the Beach Mystery Bookstore presents National League of American Pen Women

Murder on the Beach Mystery Bookstore

Presents National League of American Pen Women

May 11 and May 18, 2013    3:00 pm - Refreshments
273 NE 2nd Avenue, Pineapple Grove
 Delray Beach, FL  33444
Phone: 561-279-7790

Lea Hope Becker:  Children, I'm Home! A humorous memoir of my struggle to become a lawyer while working full-time, going to night school and managing a household of 3 kids as a single mother.
Lea Hope Becker is a tax attorney, and a graduate of DePaul Law School.  Her undergraduate degree is in accounting at De Paul University.  She also attended the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. Lea writes non-technical books with a humorous twist that reflect the lives of aspiring women.
Barbara Bixon (A.R.Alan): The Index Killer Homicide Detective Catherine Delaney and her sexy, chauvinist partner Cody O'Dell are desperately trying to capture a serial killer before another petite young woman's body is found. Moving at breakneck speed, the thrilling intrigue and romantic tension will keep you fascinated and guessing.

Barbara Bixon/AR Alan has sold comedic material to Joan Rivers, published novels, poetry and short stories including Playgirl Magazine. Besides writing, traveling, and saving mountains, she says meeting new people adds to the tapestry of her life. The Index Killer is her 11th novel and she is working on her next: “Love Pies for Sale.”

Elaine Bossik: The Last Victim Sophie Rothman is a Jewish-American mother obsessed with hoarding money. Her obsession punishes everyone in her family. But it is the shocking secret she harbors that sets in motion a tragedy that follows her youngest daughter, Jeanie, through Brooklyn, the Catskills, Israel and Masada. A fast-paced story!

Elaine Bossik had three careers: as magazine editor, medical writer and teacher in NYC. She is a columnist for, writing how-to articles for aspiring screenwriters under the name of Elaine Radford. Her fascination with people, their motivations and the everyday dramas they create, is the inspiration for her fiction.

Carol White: From One Place to Another  The good, bad and ugly of Boca country clubs! Read how Dina Marshall rises above it to eke out a living while struggling to win back her husband. Laugh, cry and cook with Dina Marshall as she figures out her life.
Carol White, Moderator, is an award-winning novelist, playwright and poet. Her columns have appeared in many publications including the Sun Sentinel, Writers Journal, Woman’s World, etc.

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