Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Oddfellows Home by Wig Nelson

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The Children of the Ridge:
 John Banner had everything that money could buy.  But the one thing he wanted most was just beyond his reach.  He hoped that a sleep lab experiment in his father’s hospital would give him a brief respite from the pain, and possibly a touchstone as well.

The Oddfellows Home:
The Oddfellows Home awaits your close examination.  The halls beckon, and when they admit you, you will surely wish they had not.  Warning: It’s not for everyone.

After Jonas:
Surely Alice Sinclair will find someplace warm after all the lonely the years on the frigid precipice of Shearwater Cliff.  Maybe a thousand sheep will be her ticket off that frozen tundra.  Maybe she will find love at last before it’s too late to rescue her young heart.

The Dusky Seaside Sparrow Affair:
We all dodged a bullet after Billy pulled the trigger on that helpless little Dusky Seaside Sparrow.  But human values are nothing to sneeze at.  Love might just find a way.

Letting Go of Lucy – A Play:
Letting Go of Lucy may prove to be harder than you think.  She may have an agenda of her own.  Make sure you check the closets for skeletons . . . and lawyers.
A Feeling of Power:
We all want A Feeling of Power.  I hope you look for it in all the right places.  Most of us think that money can buy us time.  Time to think again.
What Can I Say:
What Can I Say about a world that talks too much.  I don’t have to join in all the yiddy yaddy, do I?  Do you as well?  There may be another answer you haven’t tried.
Henry’s Favorite Author:
Henry loves to read in his beautiful study.  Maddie will bring him a highball as he gazes at The Golden Gate Bridge thought his living-room window.  And his lovely wife will wait until his mind finds its way home again.  Did you miss him when he was gone?
Phodan’s Lovechild:
Phodan’s Lovechild can sometimes be a lot to handle.  Some of the things he brings to show and tell might be better left at home.  The humans might not get the joke.
Eden, Nevada – Population N/A:
Eden, Nevada has everything a person might want including beautiful, naked men and women.  It also has everything that a person might not want as well.

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